“Perfect! Violin Girl was amazing. She performed flawlessly and her style and demeanor were amazing. I would most definitely ask her to perform again. She is obviously talented and dedicated to performing, and would make any event spectacular.”

-Mark, Proposal Client

“Violin Girl plays her heart, and challenges the audience with global grooves and higher expectations. She clearly loves music more than the sound of people loving her, which is a huge thing for an artist.”

-Alex Kohli, Walter Productions

“The most beautiful thing I have heard at Burning Man in years. Thank you for the unique twist.”

-Copied from social media

“Amanda was amazing, very communicative, and learned all the songs for my event. She played for my fiancé and I when we got engaged. I would highly recommend her for your event.”

-Will, Proposal Client

“We planned an out of state wedding and had to discuss the details through text and phone. On the day of the wedding, Amanda was able to do what we discussed perfectly and everything went very smoothly! She was able to learn all of our songs and played beautifully. Everyone was very impressed!”

-Michelle, Wedding Client

“You blew my mind and opened new dance chakras and moves I didn’t know I had. The set you played on Kalliope was positively exceptional and one I will never forget. You were sublime and lifted the entire experience to a new level. I cannot thank you enough for your performance. Violin should be a part of more dance music and your track selection was perfect. Your set ranks alongside Bedouin, Rampue, and YokoO’s White Ocean sets as the best I’ve heard, ever.”

-Copied from social media

“Did an amazing job! She will definitely be coming back for more gigs!”

-Mike, Club Client

“Might be one of the best remixes I’ve heard all month...all year...it’s absolutely incredible. They’re incredible. I love this song and I want more!”

-Erin Sharoni of DJ Mag USA

“Violin Girl has an extremely rare ability to harmonize with any electronica style you throw at her and make it sound theatrical. We are always pleased to work with her!”

-Devon Padgett, AWG

“Your music moves me so much that’s all I have been listening to since returning from Burning Man. Thank you so much for filling up my head and heart! Incredible!”

-Copied from social media

“Best set I saw this year was Violin Girl at Lightning in a Bottle! Check her out!”-

-Copied from social media

“Amanda is a pleasure to work with and most importantly has proven to be extremely reliable. Every time I have asked her to be part of an event she has always shown up on time, been very professional, and put on a great show. We always look forward to working with her.”

-Marc Isquith, Station Manager at Pulse 96.7